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How Astronauts Change After Seeing Earth From Space

[embed]https://youtu.be/yg0yjOcOWsM[/embed] The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift that affects some astronauts when they see the earth from space. Many say they no longer identify with a specific nationality or culture after seeing earth from outer space, instead they see themselves, and all citizens on earth,...

Noah the Bird Nerd

Noah Strycker: My name is Noah Strycker. I'm a full time bird nerd. Heather McElhatton: Noah Strycker is a writer, photographer, and 'bird man' based in Eugene, Oregon.  He says about 66 million years ago, around the time a large asteroid collided with Earth, all dinosaurs...

How Your Story Sets You Free

[embed]https://animoto.com/play/Lo3blADJGYfahcGYYmeGSQ[/embed] How your story sets you free by Heather McElhatton Everyone has a story to tell, and telling that story can set you free.  That’s according to Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen. The storytelling coaches are married, and have spent their careers helping others find, craft and tell their...

Atlas Obscura

[embed]https://animoto.com/play/17cROXSRecp9u4ypbMAm1w[/embed] Transcript Heather McElhatton: I'm Heather McElhatton and this is A Beautiful World. Dylan Thuras: Life is more worth living, more deep, enjoyable, meaningful when you're engaged with the world in a curious open way and you're willing to take chances, go wandering, a little bit with the hope...