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Atlas Obscura

[embed]https://animoto.com/play/17cROXSRecp9u4ypbMAm1w[/embed] Transcript Heather McElhatton: I'm Heather McElhatton and this is A Beautiful World. Dylan Thuras: Life is more worth living, more deep, enjoyable, meaningful when you're engaged with the world in a curious open way and you're willing to take chances, go wandering, a little bit with the hope...

Inner City Farming

by Heather McElhatton Food Deserts Nikki Collins and her six kids live in a public housing complex on Cleveland’s near east side,  where she says buying healthy foods for her family is an ongoing struggle,  because they live in an urban food desert. A food desert is...

The Water Lens

19-yr-old Deshawn Henry has invented a water purification device that requires no electricity...

Mark Nepo

The Endless Practice: Becoming who you were born to be...