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Mark Nepo

More About "Mark Nepo"

As a poet, philosopher, and cancer survivor, Mark Nepo has been breaking a path of spiritual inquiry for more than thirty years. In his new book, the #1 New York Times bestselling author explores how the soul works in the world.

Called “one of the finest spiritual guides of our time,” this beloved teacher explores what it means to become our truest self through the ongoing and timeless journey of awakening to the dynamic wholeness of life, which is messy and unpredictable.


Nepo navigates some of the soul’s deepest and most ancient questions, such as: What does it mean to inhabit the world? How do we stay vital and buoyant amid the storms of life? What is the secret to coming alive? Nepo affirms that not only is the soul’s journey inevitable, it is essential to our survival. The human journey is how the force of life grows us, and no matter where we go we can’t escape this foundational truth: What’s in the way is the way. As Nepo writes, “The point of experience is not to escape life but to live it.”

6 Paths for the “Endless Practice”

  1. The Practice of Uncertainty (or patience.)
  2. The Practice of Opportunity (or following your heart.)
  3. The Practice of Courage (or doing small things with love.)
  4. The Practice of Connection (or listening.)
  5. The practice of Exploration, Mastery & Abandonment (or starting over.)
  6. The Practice of Expression (or finding a way to what’s sacred to us.)

Nepo encourages us to stop focusing on the past and the future and instead focus on the here and now.  Nepo has inspired millions of people to redefine themselves in the face of life’s challenges. Comforting, moving, and spiritually practical, The Endless Practice is filled with universal insights about living life to the fullest.

More about Mark – http://marknepo.com/about_bio.php

Get the Book – http://books.simonandschuster.com/The-Endless-Practice/Mark-Nepo/9781476774664

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