A Beautiful World | The Marks Brothers
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The Marks Brothers

More About "The Marks Brothers"

Jesse and Jonah Marks run an online sound bank called The Touch of Sound. They’ve travelled together all over the world in order to fill their site with a huge collection of diverse audio from every corner of the globe. Listen to them live onstage with Heather McElhatton as they discuss some of their favorite stories and favorite recordings. For more sounds visit their site at www.thetouchofsound.com

“A Beautiful World” is a news program that focuses on inspirational stories from around the world, featuring good news about science, technology, ecology, art, music and medicine. The program is hosted by best-selling author Heather McElhatton, whom listeners may know from her contributions to This American Life, Marketplace and MPR News. Visit www.prettylittlemistakes.com for more stories and audio collections.

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