A Beautiful World | Millionaire Hides Big Treasure in the Mountains
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Millionaire Hides Big Treasure in the Mountains

Rocky Mountain Treasure Waits to be Found

More About "Millionaire Hides Big Treasure in the Mountains"

Archaeologist, adventurer, explorer Forrest Fenn is eighty-three years old and has been called “a modern-day Indiana Jones,” after spending a lifetime hunting down and amassing a huge personal collection of artifacts, antiquities and treasures from all over the world. His livelihood has given him a good life along the way and made him a millionaire.

However, when Fenn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he decided to leave his treasure behind, at least part of it, as well as a taste of what he’s been experiencing his whole life; Action, adventure and intrigue. Fenn says he’s filled a large golden treasure chest with a veritable king’s ransom, a pile of his favorite artifacts, including gold coins, rubies, emeralds, carved jade figures and gold nuggets “as big as chicken eggs,” valued in the millions.

Fenn claims to have hidden this treasure chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and left nine clues to find it inside a poem published in his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase. MPR reporter Dan Olson reads Fenn’s poem titled: Where the Treasure Lies.

Shorter Forrest Fenn Interview:

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