A Beautiful World | Cecil the Lion Inspires New Laws / More Anti-Poaching patrols
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Cecil the Lion Inspires New Laws / More Anti-Poaching patrols

More About "Cecil the Lion Inspires New Laws / More Anti-Poaching patrols"

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Senator Menendez (D-NJ) comments on new legislation inspired by Cecil the Lion. The CECIL Act will extend protection to animals still waiting to become officially listed on the Endangered Species list.

Professor David Macdonald, director of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at the University of Oxford, found their research thrust into the international limelight last week, after one of the lions he was studying named Cecil was brutally slaughtered by an American trophy Hunter from Bloomington, Minnesota.

While much of the press this story has received has been negative and dark MacDonald says much good has and will come of this event, including the fact the research teams anti-poaching patrols were about to be shut down due to lack of funds and now will continue, thanks to this infusion of global concern. For more information and to support the program, visit: www.wildcru.org

Longer Cecil Story:


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