A Beautiful World | Prince Died Today
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Prince Died Today

More About "Prince Died Today"

Listen to the news of Prince breaking live on-air in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the morning of April 21st, 2016 with Heather McElhatton and a host of other crewmembers, fans and people who worked for Prince.

“Prince died today. I got a call at noon to get into the studio quick – they wanted me on-air. I was Prince’s set decorator in the 90’s. He called me ‘girl chick.’ and built countless sets for him at Paisley Park. He had me decorate the inside of his limos and every greenroom at every venue he played. There was a LOT of purple chiffon, purple velour and purple velvet. There was a lot of everything weird kinky and bizarre too, including things that required me to sign nondisclosure agreements. There were the marathon shoots, the secret vault, the time he bought an ice cream truck… Here I talk live on air with Tom Weber and a host of fans, friends and crew calling in to share their memories. I Hope we can do the His Purple Majesty justice.”



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